Future Implications

As the social media landscape changes, businesses must consider how those changes will impact their brands. One major trend in social media is its transformation into a channel for customer support. It's no longer a platform specifically used for the promotion of a company's services or products. Instead, it is evolving into a place where … Continue reading Future Implications


Viral Initiatives

Viral marketing can be incredibly useful to create brand awareness online for a company. When content spreads like wildfire, for all the right reasons especially, it can really help a firm with its business objectives. But what exactly makes a marketing initiative go viral? What characteristics do viral marketing initiatives possess? [image source] Well there … Continue reading Viral Initiatives


Allstate and Progressive are two companies that provide numerous types of insurance policies such as home, car, renters, commercial, and even life insurance.  Though these businesses are in the same industry, they have two very different brand identities and approaches to marketing their products. Allstate focuses on delivering the message that accidents and mishaps can … Continue reading Differentiation

Key to Twitter and Blogging Success

The best way to take full advantage of the benefits of Twitter and blogging is to understand how to appropriately use the platform. First off, Twitter is a site that limits the amount of words that can be posted to just 140 characters. This means you have to keep the posts short, while still delivering meaningful … Continue reading Key to Twitter and Blogging Success

Say it with Style & Social Media

It is pretty clear that above all things social media platforms and applications are channels of communication. Businesses need to be strategic in exactly what they are saying to their consumers. It can be risky venturing into the world of social media, especially in the fashion industry. Negative feedback is an obvious risk. The last thing any … Continue reading Say it with Style & Social Media

Calling All Fashionistas!

Mobile social media applications like Instagram and Snapchat definitely have a significant effect on the fashion industry, but there are other less mainstream apps that drive the business and the purchases. The Hunt is one of those apps, an excellent tool that gets products to consumers with the help of their fellow fashionistas. Ever walk … Continue reading Calling All Fashionistas!

All Together Now! Trendy and Trending

Exclusivity has always played a significant role in the fashion industry. With the surge in social media usage, the industry has become a bit more inclusive. Now that everyone has access to the visuals of a brand's showroom, runway shows, and new designs, it that seems designers are working harder to get our attention. For example, … Continue reading All Together Now! Trendy and Trending